Journal of the Branch:

The Branch // PART 2
written 19th january 2010 - Marseille, France

Mécènes du Sud
et la MAV PACA présentent :

Gilles Desplanques
Anne-Valerie Gasc
Mercredi 27 janvier 2010 - à partir de 19h
À la M.A.V. PACA

Maison de l’Architecture et de la Ville PACA
12, Bd Théodore Turner
13 006 Marseille
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REC.OVER présente à Marseille, en retour de résidence, le résultat des 45 jours d’accueil des artistes Anne-Valérie Gasc et Gilles Desplanques dans le centre culturel Pekarna MM., partenaire slovène de l’association OTTO-Prod à Maribor.

REC.OVER introduces to the audience from Marseille the project developped by the french artists Anne-Valérie Gasc and Gilles Desplanques thanks to THE BRANCH program in Maribor at Pekarna Magdalenske Mreze cultural center.

The Branch // PART 2
overflow - 194db
written 13th november 2009 - Maribor, Slovenia

Performance of the french artist Anne-Valérie Gasc that took place in the Hladilnica Gallery of Maribor (Slovenia) on wednesday the 11th of November.

194 dB, performative installation (72 000 watts sound system, digital countdown, skybeamers, seismograph, earplugs), 2009.

The Branch // PART 2
overflow - Scalp
written 13th november 2009 - Maribor, Slovenia

Space intervention by the french artist Gilles Desplanques in the Hladilnica Gallery, showed on the 11th of November 2009.

Scalp, in-situ intervention
Hladilnica gallery, Pekarna cultural center, Maribor, Slovenia, 2009

The Branch // PART 2
written 13th november 2009 - Maribor, Slovenia

Performance of the french artist Gilles Desplanques on the Drava river of Maribor (Slovenia) ; starting tuesday 10th and finishing on wednesday 11th of November.

U.N. RESCUE, performance
24 hours spent on Drava, 1200 meters covered
wooden shed, barrels, roaps, white towel, satellite dish, knife, sleeping bag, bananas, bottle of Rioja 2005, bread, sausage, cheese, darts, ball, siren, watwerproof bag, battery, lamp, wetsuit, orange lifejacket, orange socks, tissues, water, paddle, thermometer, log book, mirror, pen, shing line
Drava river (from Glavni bridge to the Highway Double-bridge), Maribor, Slovenia, 2009

The Branch // PART 2
overflow - HITRA CESTA
written 13th november 2009 - Maribor, Slovenia

Intervention of the french artist Anne-Valérie Gasc that have been installed on the Highway Double-bridge on wednesday the 11th of November. On the pannel are graved physical calculations and researches about this specific bridge being dismantled by frequencies and resonance.

Hitra Cesta, in-situ installation
curved aluminium plate, 27,5 x 44,5 cm
Highway Double-bridge, Maribor, Slovenia, 2009

The Branch // PART 2
written 30th october 2009 - Maribor, Slovenia

The concept of destruction turns into a real experience. They define processes for architectural dismantling. Inside the Hladilnica Gallery, Gilles Desplanques fragilizes the roof while Anne-Valerie Gasc creates a sound explosion as a massive and destructive shock wave. Nothing should resist to the passage of these two overstated artists.

Performance / In-situ installations /// November 11th. 2009, Starting at 6 P.M., Pekarna Cultural Center, Hladilnica Galerija, Maribor. /// as MFRU Festival "Kick off" evening
Performance / Installations In situ /// le 11 Novembre 2009, à partir de 18h, Maribor, Pekarna, Galerie Hladilnica. /// "Kick off" du Festival MFRU
Performans / In-situ instalacija /// 11. november 2009 ob 18:00, razstavišče Hladilnica, Kulturni center Pekarna, Maribor /// MFRU Festival «KICK OFF» evening

OVERFLOW is realized with the kind and great support of PotapljaŠko društvo Maribor & PGD KAMNICA

The Branch // PART 2
written 30th october 2009 - Maribor, Slovenia

On deadly ground, the artists Anne-Valérie GASC and Gilles Desplanques turn aimed points into targets. They blast each of the Slovenian typical architectures by cutting in thousand pieces the catalog of a building contractor. They illustrate effects of missile impact: the gallery becomes the ultimate focal point of their proposal.

OVERLAND opening // November 6th. 2009, Starting at 7 P.M., Plevnik-Kronkowska Galerija, Razlagova ulica 9, Celje
OVERLAND vernissage // le 6 Novembre 2009, à 19h, à la galerie Plevnik-Kronkowska, Razlagova ulica 9, Celje
OVERLAND Razstava //  6. november 2009 ob 19:00, Plevnik-Kronkowska galerija, Razlagova ulica 9, Celje

The Branch // PART 2
written 22nd october 2009 - Maribor, Slovenia

During THE BRANCH residency, the guest artists, according to a strategy, develop a protocol of artistic interventions as a territorial invasion device in three steps:


As observers, the artists share their general point of view on the historical and geographical context of Maribor.
They propose a report about their artistic goals through a video presentation based on working materials, problematic patterns to focus on and targeted sites to invest.

OVERVIEW /// Meet the artists _ October 22nd. 2009, Starting at 7 P.M. Kibar at Kibla, Maribor.
OVERVIEW /// Rencontre avec les artistes _ Jeudi 22 octobre 3009, à partir de 19h à Kibla, Maribor.
OVERVIEW /// Spoznaj umetnika _ 22. oktober. 2009 ob 19:00, Kibar, Kibla, Maribor

>> video

The Branch // PART 2
written 12th october 2009 - Maribor, Slovenia

The Branch // PART 2
written 7th october 2009 - Maribor, Slovenia

Welcome to our new guests, the two french artists Anne Valérie Gasc and Gilles Desplanques. They have used their first week of common residency in Pekarna MM to observe around and get an overview of the city : as an invasion plan, strategical points and main strengths of the territory have already been noticed and located. Following posts will allow you to discover their inspirations and evolution of works.

Photo : A-V GASC

The Branch // PART 1
Time To Become Poets : exhibition final overview
written 18th september 2009 - Marseille, France

Our two slovene friends and guest artists Mark Požlep and Jaša has presented the exhibition Time to Become Poets which stays opened for audience until october, the 24th, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and which ended the first part of The Branch residency program at Marseille (France). Let's meet again in less than a month at Maribor (Slovenia), on the 2nd of october to start the second part of the project with our new guests : the french artists Anne Valérie Gasc and Gilles Desplanques.

photos : Huge thanks for PierLuigi Anselmi's special photoshoot

The Branch // PART 1
written 5th september 2009 - Marseille, France

The association Otto Prod and its partners are pleased to invite you to the exhibition Time to Become Poets ;
the two slovene artists Jaša and Mark Požlep present the show as the conclusion of their residence at the Gallery de La Friche de La Belle de Mai de Marseille ; the exhibition will be opened from September 11th until October 24th.

Opening and performance by the artists on Thursday September 10th starting at 7.30 pm
Vernissage et performance des artistses ce jeudi 10 septembre à partir de 19h30
Odprtje razstave z nastopom umetnikov bo v cetrtek, 10. septembra ob 19:30

The Branch // PART 1
written 4th august 2009 - Marseille, France

The Branch // PART 1
Artists' Poetic archives
written 25th august 2009 - Marseille, France

The Branch // PART 1
written 15th august 2009 - Marseille, France

" What's the meaning of mocking the world,

if you can’t mock the byproduct result
you sometimes present.
This work is about embodiment
of the byproduct effects.
Your impression
could be the negative image,
the worship relationship towards contemporary society.
it’s neither.
It’s about the spaces in-between."

Jaša and Mark Požlep

The Branch // PART 1
written 2nd august 2009 - Marseille, France

Our guests Jaša and Mark Požlep arrived yesterday from Ljubljana( Si.) in Marseille; they have already started to work on their residency project entitled Time to become Poets. They will occupy the 200 m² empty space of the Salle des Colonnes, thanks to the support of our partner Sextant et plus at La Friche de la Belle de Mai. During 45 days, the two slovene artists will focus on staging an exhibition. The show will start on september, 10th at 18:30.
You are very welcome to have a further look at their art-works on their personal website and presentation:
download Mark Požlep presentation (.pdf )
Jaša personnal website (
Feel free to contact us for visits or appointments.

The Branch // introduction
written 15th july 2009 - Marseille, France

A residence cycle for artists presented by OTTO-Prod/La Vitrine in partnership with Sextant et Plus and Pekarna Magdalenske Mreze.
The Branch is a programme of crossed residences for artists between France and Slovenia.
Two duos of French and Slovene artists are invited to work in Marseille and Maribor during this brand new cultural exchange cycle. These two 45 days lasting sessions will ensure a privileged time allowing the invited artists
to develop their creation abroad, in close relationship with the local cultural scenes.
The Branch will initiate an intense season of artistic production, with a dense rythm orchestrated by events such as open doors of the studio, lectures, exhibitions and performances.

Four artists for two strong times:
Residences of the slovene artists MARK POŽLEP and JAŠA
In Marseille, at La Friche de la Belle de Mai/Salle des colonnes, from August 1 st. until September 15 th. 2009.

Residences of the french artists ANNE-VALERIE GASC and GILLES DESPLANQUES

In Maribor, at Pekarna cultural center/Hladilnica, from October 2 nd. until November 16 th. 2009

Through their theatricalizing and pictorial aspects, the practices of MARK POŽLEP and JAŠA obviously reach a complementarity and shape a sparkling and powerful artistic duo. Jaša is a « present » artist. As an expansive foam, he overruns space with acidulous sculptures his own universe of fantasy, a visual environment in which he acts through a superfluous and slightly sarcastic way. The auto-fiction is the meeting spot where the two artists join. Mark creates derisory and utopian avatar of himself, always running away from institutional realities, out of proportion through the presentation of his paintings when the frame is barely able to define any border.
Their gathering seemed obvious and is warmly welcome in Marseille, where we hope to favour the spontaneous realization of their projects, without any hold on its fantasy.

In both Anne Valérie and Gilles's works, the two Marseille based artists question the notion of Site from a strategical and neutral point of view, preserving a conceptual poetry at the same time. When Gilles chooses to carve the wall of the Institution in order to turn it into a voluminal and coded element (Head of stag), Anne-Valérie sets a secured perimeter and plans an "official" attack against this wall in order to destroy it meticulously, under the eye of the targeted Institution (Blastmat). These artists aim at dismantling the space rather than occupying it. For the first time, this couple is invited to work on the territory of Slovenia. Instinctivly guilty for Anne-Valérie, naturally victim for Gilles, the Site which the artists will focus on will not be able to resist to their plans, no matter if it is on a confrontation or on a full communion based intentions.

We are looking forward to see you during these new adventures by La Vitrine/OTTO-Prod.
Detailed programme, schedule and other informations are available at
Contact :

This programme is realized thanks to the kind support of our several partners :
Pekarna Magdalenske Mreze, Sextant et Plus, Mécènes Du Sud, CulturesFrance, Cities of Marseille and Maribor and the Slovene Ministry for Culture.
With the kind support of Ateliers Boisson from the city of Marseille.

Pictures from the presentation of The Branch at Féraud-CFM, Marseille, are available on the blog Mécènes du Sud: