Tomáš Džadoň residence
written 5th october 2008 - Sextant et plus- Marseille, France

On tuesday the 30th of september, our guest and friend Tomáš Džadoň was presenting in La Friche' Salle des Colonnes the art piece resulting of his one month residency in Marseille ; GATEWAY is a half architectural, half modeling sculpture, which recreates in real-sizes an entrance of Slovaquian communistics blocks, where the artist was born. As the cathedral's architecture's repeated patterns, Tomas has sacralised a common door emerged from his past by repeating its close structural environment as lamp, columns and building number, and brings by this way the wiever to focus on the entrance as a main object.

more on

CONSUMMATUM EST. photo report
written 3rd october 2008 - Pekarna cultural center - Maribor, Slovenia

After a one month long residence in Maribor, Claire Dantzer presented her latest installation Consomatum est at Hladilnica Gallery. You are invited to get an overview of her installation through this photo gallery.

CLAIRE DANTZER - Tomáš Džadoň residence
30th. September at 7pm.
written 25st september 2008 - Sextant et plus- Marseille, France

We are proudly happy to invite you to 2 exhibitions at the same time !
(at Maribor (slovenia) and Marseille (France).
Claire Dantzer (FR) and Tomaš Dzadon (SK), Our two september artist guest will show their residence work !

Claire Dantzer @ Hladinica Gallery – Pekarna Kulturni Center // Maribor.*
>>> Opening on the 30th of September at 7pm.
From 1st of October till the 3rd of October.
Exhibition opened from 3pm – 8pm. 
infos: tel. : 00386 (0)2 300 78 70 

Tomaš Dzadon @ Salle des Colonnes – Friche Belle-de-Mai // Marseille
>>> Opening on the 30th of September at 7pm
>>> From 1st of October till the 20th of October.
Exhibition opened from Tuesday to Saturday / 3pm – 7pm. 
infos: tel. : 0033 (0)4 95 04 95 94 

Claire Dantzer.
Claire Dantzer is a Marseille-based artist (1983). She graduated at Fine Art School of Toulon (ESART) in 2006 and then has got into “Sextant et Plus” studio (Marseille). Her projects have been shown in several galleries and exhibitions and she has been selected for art residences in different places as well. 
Her latest performance-based works were mostly video and photographies focused on faces and bodies. Into her compositions, the characters often struggle against their will, their health, their surrounding… Then these intimate fights reveal an inclination both for entertainment and a drop of cruelty reaching a kind of fool's game in which she mixes up reality, desire and fantasy. This process is relied on an (un)editing process consisting in systematic and strict manipulations (slow and fast motions, break and cut) of pictures turning them into a dream-like composition.   
Throughout this residence time, she keeps exploring these practices but she is also gradually expanding them to others media and she will show an installation in-situ in Hladilnica.  This piece mixing holy-inspired sculpture and video is made out of empty bottles collected on Pekarna area. Through this installation, she keeps interrogating the sense of beautiful/sweet and ugly/rough even to reach, finally, an odd and elaborated aesthetic. 
Tomaš Dzadon.
From Czech Republic, the Prague-based artist Tomaš Dzadon (1981)'s works adress cultural traditions and their conflict with a changing society. He graduated in 2006 at the Academy of Fine Arts of Prague and in Art Institute of Kankaanpaa (Finland) in 2005. His works were exhibited in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany or Austria. In 2008 he won the ESSL-Award 1st prize. 
Tomaš' artistic approach often starts out of his own childhood's souvenirs that he tries to integrate into a social overview of the communist period of ex-Czechoslovakia. Basically Tomas deals with the concept of transition from the private sphere to the public sphere and its connection with collective History. Thus the meeting between family way and social surrounding reveals deep contradictions and social power struggle.
This statement is linked up with researches about architecture and design as well. Actually Tomaš' works are extremely minimalist, looking like freestanding sculptures.

Tomáš Džadoň residence
September residence in marseille
written 21st september 2008 - Sextant et plus- Marseille, France - Pekarna cultural center - Maribor, Slovenia

For the all month of September, our guest Tomáš Džadoň from Czech Republic is hosted in order to develop his art production at Sextant et plus studio (Marseille,Fr).

Visits and meetings with the artist are welcome and can be arranged on appointment.
Find out more informations about Tomáš Džadoň at

"I am interested in the moment of entering somewhere.
I decided to recreate in Marseille the entrance of the communist block I was "born" in. By interfering on its proportions I will create a portal as a note about the regime that had a so deep impact on us, in the Eastern block. Visitors are welcome to enter ..." by Tomáš Džadoň

Exhibitions photo report
written 14th september 2008 - Pekarna cultural center - Maribor, Slovenia

After a month of residence in Maribor, Pascual Sisto presented at Škuc gallery (Ljubljana) as in Hladilnica gallery (Maribor) his latest art works that he developped in Slovenia.

Here is a web photo gallery as an overview of these two events.

OTTO-PROD event !

written 12th september 2008 - Marseille, France

"A man and a woman cast away on hydric ice-made raft. Thus the couple faces its inexorable death while its single survival way is melting."

The project entitled NAUFRAGE (cast-away) produced by Monsieur Moo & Cathy Weyders mixes both art performance & video.
The film will be shot as part of Festival des Informelles, an event leaded and supported by Theatre des Bernardines (Marseille - France)

The performance allows the audience to witness both the shipwreck and the whole huge system of "mise en scène", Shot out at sea, the video shows the fiery sunburned life-boat that melts little-by-little. So then the drowning is certain for the couple!

Raft launching, actors docking and film-shoot.
Saturday 13th of September 2008
Appointment at 1h45pm at Anse de la Fausse-Monnaie (Marseille - France)
Estimated running-time : 1 to 4 hours.

Contact & informations:
Performance information & artists' contacts.
Mail :
Tel : 0033 (0)6 70 77 60 17

Information/booking Festival des Informelles.
Mail :
Tel. : 0033 (0)4 91 24 30 48/40

It's the final countdown!

This project is supported by :
Mécènes du Sud, Communauté Française de Belgique, Festival Les Informelles, Otto-Prod, Michel Authier et les glacières narbonnaises du Canet d'Aude, Revel S.A.,, Bleuevasion, Louis Salles et le SNC de la Fausse-Monnaie, Patrick Grandjean et le DRASSM, Ateliers Boisson de la Ville de Marseille, JP Ponthot, Anchois Lejault et l'Ecole supérieure d'Art d'Aix-en-Provence


written 11th september 2008 - Pekarna cultural center - Maribor, Slovenia

Claire Dantzer, our september guest artist just arrived from Marseille where she is a part of the artists association Sextant et Plus. To celebrate her arrival and the end of residence of Pascual Sisto, a Video Duo will be shown at the Kibela gallery in maribor from the 11th to the 24th of september.

You are naturally warmly invited to the opening thursday 11th of september to discover those 2 works and listen to a Fenshu electronic live set for the occasion.

+>Photos of the opening

Contact, adress & informations:
Kulturno izobraževalno društvo KIBLA
Ulica kneza Koclja 9
2000 Maribor


written 4th september 2008 - Pekarna cultural center - Maribor, Slovenia

As part of the program"artist in residence", La Vitrine/Otto-Prod. invites you to the opening of the show
HEAVY HUES by Pascual Sisto through 2 exhibitions, in Ljubljana and in Maribor.

Pascual Sisto was invited to develop his work in Maribor for a 1 month-long art residence set by La Vitrine/Otto-Prod. For 30 days the artist developped his works in both studio and gallery spaces of Hladilnica (Pekarna Kulturni Center).

In order to end his art residence time, you are warmly invited to discover his latest project,
the 8th of September @ Galerija Škuc - Ljubljana
opening at 20 pm.

& the 9th of September @ Hladilnica Gallery - Maribor
opening at 19 pm. After opening, visit of the show by appointment.

Contact, adress & informations:
Galerija Škuc
Stari trg 21, SI - 1000 Ljubljana
Tel.: 00386(0)1 430 02 41

Hladilnica Gallery @ Pekarna Kulturni Center
Ob Železnici 8, 2000 MARIBOR 
tel: 00386 (0)2 300 78 70 

*** The project Heavy Hues that is hosted by Galerija Škuc is part of the cycle "Branch" and it is a result of a long term collaboration between Galerija Škuc and collective La Vitrine.


written 22th august 2008 - Pekarna cultural center - Maribor, Slovenia

Tuesday September 9th at 19 o'clock
, Pascual Sisto will present the several art works he is currently developping, at Hladilnica Gallery. You are warmly welcome to discover his residence projects on this occasion.

Notice : Pascual did not want to disclose any work in progress. He only gave us the top image, a grayscale.
... we had to steal the tree images below from his camera ...

YANN NORRY residence
Exhibitions photo report

written 4th august 2008 - Pekarna cultural center - Maribor, Slovenia

After one month of residence in Maribor, Yann Norry finally got back to Marseille (safely).
On the 25th and on the 30th of July, at Alkatraz gallery (Ljubljana) as in Hladilnica gallery (Maribor) Yann Norry presented the several art works he had been developping in Slovenia.
You are warmly welcome to discover a preview of these pieces on this web photo gallery.


written 3rd august 2008 - Pekarna cultural center - Maribor, Slovenia

Pascual Sisto arrived in Maribor yesterday, he directly came from Amsterdam where he spent few months in Studio Residency at M4gastatelier.
He is currently in Maribor (Slovenia) doing a Studio Residency at La Vitrine for 1,5 month.
You are very welcome to consult his previous artistic works on his website :

YANN NORRY residence

written 20th july 2008 - Pekarna cultural center - Maribor, Slovenia

In order to round this art residence time off, you are kindly invited for 2 exhibitions.
25th of July - Exhibition in Alkatraz Galerija / Ljubljana. Opening at 6pm.
This exhibition will introduce a selection of lastest Yann Norry's works to the audience of Ljubljana.

Contact, adress & informations:
Kud Mreža/ Galerija Alkaraz @ Metelkova
Masarykova 24, 1000 LJUBLJANA
tel: 00386 (0)1 434 03 45 

30th of July - 1st of August - Exhibition in Hladilnica Galerija / Maribor. Opening on the 30th of July at 8pm.
These very special 3 days will be the opportunity to have a look on Yann's residence projet. It's worth seeing. You'll get further informations about these projects very soon! Let's keep in touch.

Contact, adress & informations:
Hladilnica Gallery @ Pekarna Kulturni Center
Ob Železnici 8, 2000 MARIBOR 
tel: 00386 (0)2 300 78 70 

Cannebiere witness

written 18th july 2008 - Sextant et plus- Marseille, France

As you maybe know, La Cannebière is the main street of Marseille, that crosses the city astraight to the sea (in 'Le Vieux Port', litteraly 'the Old Harbour'). Our current artist in residency, Vladimir, has noticed there, just before the seaside, a text in memory of the King of Yougoslavia - 'Kingdom of Serbians, Croatians and Slovenians' ; indeed, in 1934, Alexander Ist has been murdered by a croatian terrorist group called the Oustachis, exactly at this place in Marseille, while he was invited by the french Foreign Affairs Ministery in order to reinforce the fight against Hitler fascism.
Vladimir has the project to take up the movie-witness of the King's murder, which was at this time the more dreadful and memorable 'news' film that was projected in cinemas before fiction movies (watch the video below). The project is to re-shoot on the Cannebière exactly the same shots than the cameraman made in 1934 and to film a tranformed and peaceful contemporary lansdcape, in this place where 70 years ago such a historical tragedy happened.
The final presentation would be showing both videos, original movie of murder, and the movie of the artist. For now, the shooting is over, and Vladimir is now waiting for the original film from Serbia to edit and show the work.

Murder of Alexander the first of Yougoslavia & Louis Barthou - 1934 :


YANN NORRY residence

written 15th july 2008 - Pekarna cultural center - Maribor, Slovenia

As part of the open-week of Hladilnica, many people involved in slovenian art and culture field came :
Mario Berdic, curator and art critic,
Marko Ornik, artist, cultural adviser for MKC Maribor and head of MFRU Festival.
Peter Tomaz Dobrila, curator, journalist, professor at Faculty of Arts of Maribor and cultural adviser for Kibla MMC
Andreja Borin, curator of Umetnostna Galerija Maribor (UGM / Maribor)
Joze Slacek, coordinator of Kulturni Inkubator (Maribor)
Gregor Kosi, artist, musician and head of Pekarna Magdalenske Mreze
Andrej Hrvatin, musician.
Vesna Spreitzer, radio/TV journalist RTVSLO
... and many other people are still expected !

14th of July. Photo-Shooting.
This residence program aims at providing diffusion materials and archives for the artists in residence.
This is why Paul Destieu and his assistant Timothée Dutertre shot great photos of the works that Yann brought from Marseille. They will be shown on the 25th of July by Alkatraz Galerija (Ljubljana).
Check the photo-gallery out!


written 4th july 2008 - Sextant et plus- Marseille, France


The program Otto-residences is starting with the coming of the serbian artist Vladimir Nikolic.
For the all month of July, our guest from Belgrade is invited at Sextant et plus in order to develop his art production. His residence will be ponctuated by few events, public and private presentations, open doors and exhibitions.
Visits and meetings with the artist are welcome and can be arrange on appointment.

Exhibition in HO gallery

The artist arrived in Marseille (FR) from Belgrad (SR) to settle down in the studios of our friends and partners SEXTANT ET + ; Vladimir Nikolic will stay for a month in Yann Norry's studio, and have already met all the artists who works there. To welcome the artist, and also to introduce his work to the Art' network of Marseille, an exhibition of Vladimir's photos and videos in the HO Bookstore's Gallery,is currently set up.  

About Vladimir Nikolic
"Vladimir Nikolic is a young artist who grabbed the public's attention through satirical and humorous art works that used various socio-cultural semiotics of Belgrade in a number of international exhibitions. Autoportrait (2001) personifies abandoned vehicles through photography, and How to Become a Great Artist (2001) - joint-work with Vera Vecanski - offers the audience a cynical yet comical manual that lists traits of an artist necessary to succeed in Europe. Both works touches the topic that young Korean artists tackle frequently. In Trabant Residency Project (Vera Vecanski, Zolt Kovac) the artist confines his living quarter for 24 hours inside a Trabant, a common vehicle in East Germany prior to unification, before he enters an art gallery. This project questions the audience on the significance of the institution of art that runs across the two fields of culture and economy».

More infos :

YANN NORRY residence

written 4th july 2008 - Pekarna cultural center - Maribor, Slovenia

The program Otto-residences is starting with the coming of the french artist Yann Norry.
For the all month of July, our guest from Marseille is invited at Hladilnica Gallery in order to develop his art production. His residence will be ponctuated by few events, public and private presentations, open doors of the workshop and exhibitions.
Visits and meetings with the artist are welcome and can be arrange on appointment.

About Yann norry
The double background of Yann Norry both graduated from art school in Marseille and from the elecroacoustic studies at the CNR reveals its artistic preocupations.
His sculptures and audio frequencies manipulations establish through a very precise way the fondamental relationship between space and sound. His installations influence both sound and visual spectator/viewer’s perception, according to an extensive and rigorous thrift.
His experimentations generally adopt sound material as the essential compo­nent that shapes his accoustic setting or « sound diffuser ». Y. Norry leads an open research (through sculpture, installation or performan­ce) setting his pieces at the cross way of material and sound.
The audio frequencies output is sometimes almost inaudible (very high or low frequencies nearly imperceptible) or fills the space with a deafening dro­ne. Sound can also convey a more poetical nature as the synthetic and crystal clear tinkling of an aquatic texture spread by the hanged tubes installation.

4th of July:
Yann Norry arrival in Pekarna. 
9th of July:
Visit of Ljubljana and meetings with curators and gallerists .
Petja Grafenauer – Artistic Director and Curator - Ganes Pratt galerija.
Alenka Gregoric – Artistic Director and Curator - Škuc galerija. 
Jadranka Ljubičič, Artistic Director and Curator – Alkatraz galerija.
Aleksander Bassin – Director – Mestna galerija.
14th-20th of July:
Open-day studio.
Available by appointment only calling 00 386 (0)2 300 78 70 (ask for Olivier) or writing to